Soft Tissue Surgery

At Peppermint Dental we are equipped to carry out several types of soft tissue surgery.


This includes:

  • Removal of 'lumps and bumps'

  • Release of 'tongue-tie'

  • Upper and lower lip frenectomies

  • Gumline Alteration

  • Minor surgery to improve the comfort and wearing of dentures

  • All of our procedures are fully explained by Kate or Michelle with plenty of opportunity to ask any questions, no matter how silly they may sound.

These procedures are usually carried out under local anaesthetic so you don't have to have someone with you but of course you may prefer the company of a friend or family member who can support and spoil your afterwards.

Occasionally, specimens requiring diagnosis by microscope are sent away and the results given to the patient shortly after their visit. Obviously some people may find this quite worrying, we are always here to help.

The whole Peppermint team can deal with most concerns and/or questions and if they cant, they will speak to the appropriate persons, who can.