Replacing Missing Teeth

Many people have gaps in their mouth where teeth have been previously removed and there are several options for filling these gaps.


Each of the below options have their own merits and are more suitable for certain patients. A consultation with your dentist will enable a full range of options suitable to you to be presented and thoroughly explained.


Bridges are porcelain or ceramic teeth that attach to adjacent teeth via a crown around the adjacent tooth or by sticking on the back of adjacent teeth. These are most suitable for small gaps.


Implants can be used to restore a space. These are titanium screws that are placed in the bone and act as a new tooth root. Porcelain or ceramic crowns are then placed on top of the implant. For further information, please see the section dedicated to Dental Implants.


Dentures (false teeth) are a useful tool when filling gaps, particularly when a number of teeth are missing. There are 2 types – acrylic and cobalt chrome. The chrome dentures are less bulky and ‘clip’ on to remaining teeth for stability. We work closely with our dental technicians when making your new teeth, their skill and knowledge is very important when planning, designing and of course they are the ones who make the ideas into reality.