"I can't begin to thank you all for looking after me so well, or indeed for agreeing to look after me in the first place! That pain that dragged me into the pit of despair has gone, a slight soreness remains but nothing in comparison to what I have endured over the last month, I feel like I have a new lease of life! No ill effects, apparently I talked piffle on the way home, but only a little more than usual!

My current dental practice has a lot to learn from your team, everyone at Peppermint has been so friendly, attentive and professional and the facilities so sparkling clean and top class. I am now a committed fan! Thank you so so very much."

"I've had world-class care from the hygienist, dentists and dental nurses in surroundings which are the best I've ever experienced. This practice must be the one that all other dental practices can only hope to match!"

"Great dentist I was dental phobic until I went to Peppermint and Kate and Jackie and all staff were great made me feel at ease and was able to have my tooth out in the chair with local injection so I am no longer a dental phobic. Thank you so much peppermint."

"Such a lovely dental Surgery! The staff are so friendly and my dentist and hygenist are such lovely people who make you feel really relaxed. So glad I found this dentist after having bad experiences before, it was like a complete turn around as now I enjoy going to the dentist!"

"I recently had dental work at Peppermint, and the service was fantastic. Would recommend to all my friends and family particularly people who are dental phobic. Thank you Jackie and your lovely dental nurse for your patience with me and excellent work."

"Blown away with the most professional, caring, sensitive care I received just now for a longstanding problem wisdom tooth. From being a total wreck to now feeling on top of the world and confidence to return again."

"Was referred to Peppermint for extraction of tooth causing gum inflammation as I wanted sedation was seen Friday morning and tooth removed under sedation this morning by Kate very pleased with everything cannot remember anything about the extraction as sedation worked so well. Thank you."