At Peppermint Dental we provide two types of sedation for anxious patients or those undergoing prolonged surgical procedures.


Inhalation Sedation:

More commonly used for children but can be used for adults too. It doesn't make the patient go to sleep but puts them in a state of relaxation along with a pain relieving effect, making treatment more pleasant. The patient breathes a mixture of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oxygen through a rubber cap that sits comfortably over their nose. Patients recover very quickly once they stop breathing the gas and are able to go home as soon as treatment is complete.

Intravenous Sedation:

Another way to help reduce anxiety in patients and make potentially stressful procedures more pleasant. The sedative is given through a small plastic tube placed into a vein on the back of your hand or inside your elbow. The sedative is given in small quantities, over a period of time until you are sedated enough for the procedure to begin.

After the procedure, a short recovery period is necessary. The patient is transferred to our dedicated recovery room, and monitored until we are satisfied that they have recovered enough to go home with their escort. Most patients have no or very little recollection of their treatment. The effects of the sedative may be in your system for up to 24 hours so it is important you make the necessary arrangements before resuming your normal activities.

We will provide the necessary instruction required pre-treatment both verbally and written to you and for your escort. Equally, to ensure you are equipped to manage at home after treatment, you and your escort will receive instruction and information again, verbally and written.

Below is the very important and necessary guidance which must be followed to allow your sedation to proceed:

  • Ensure you have a light meal about 2 hours before your procedure

  • You must be accompanied by a responsible adult, who should not bring anyone else with them to the appointment

  • Please park on the car park, please inform the reception team on arrival if you are unable to park

  • We must meet your escort when you first arrive. They will remain in the waiting room during your procedure but will be required to sit with you afterwards in our recovery room.

In the event this guidance is not followed, your treatment with sedation will unfortunately be refused.

You may be offered an opportunity to re-book or you may be offered, if appropriate, your treatment without sedation on that same day