Our Philosophy

At Peppermint we believe that having healthy teeth and gums is important for your smile, confidence and general well-being.


We also strongly believe in providing each patient with individual and considered care to a high and exacting standard. Everyone should have the time they need to talk about their dental concerns and the time for us to listen. We choose to provide a variety of treatment options whenever possible explaining the benefits and answering any questions no matter how 'silly' they may seem. We are proud to be a highly competent team of caring dental professionals dedicated to looking after our patient’s wellbeing.

Having established a successful practice with an enviable reputation, Kate & Michelle are moving away from general dentistry. The oral surgery referral side of their practice is in demand and they are concentrating their enhanced skills on providing this service alongside looking their own established and loyal patient list. We have with us two very experienced associates, Liz Says and Jackie Belsham who have grown their own patient lists and will continue to nurture our families and general dentistry into the future.

On occasion we have had to halt acceptance of New Patients and introduce a waiting list. This is not ideal but our priority is maintaining a high standard of care for our existing, loyal patients. If you are a family member of an existing patient, we would be happy to have a chat with a view to booking an appointment with Liz or Jackie.